Wealden Safety in Action 2019

Wealden Safety in Action 2019

Every year in June, safety events for Primary School children in East Sussex are held by the Community Safety Department of the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

The events are “Wealden Safety in Action” and year 6 students from the majority of East Sussex Schools attend, to learn about a number of safety matters, which include Farm, Water, Countryside, Fire, Road, Railway and Electrical. Other important subjects are Alcohol Awareness and Personal Safety, especially ‘Stranger Danger’.

Our local event took place from 17thto 21stJune at Bowles Outdoor Centre, with a number of volunteers including members from Crowborough and Uckfield Lions Clubs.

Lions are involved to serve their local Communities and produce “Lions Lifeskills” which are teaching resources for PSHE Education and development of young people. Lions help with the Personal Safety aspect and give Teachers the opportunity to see the Lifeskills Resources whilst their students are undergoing the training. This training is vitally important in the development of young people and is a major part of the Community help and service that Lions provide.

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