Health and Safety

The Multiple District Health and Safety policy has been designed to protect clubs, members and the public we serve. Please find below a link to the MD website where the policy document can be found. Ideally all Clubs should appoint a Health and Safety officer who should be responsible to check the policy on a regular basis and ensure the club complies with the guidelines. In the absence of a dedicated H&S officer the President will be assumed to have responsibility.

Whilst it is recommended that Clubs have their own Health and Safety policy, unless you feel your Club has very individual circumstances, it is recommended that you Document in your Minutes and Trustees Annual Report that the club complies with the Multiple District Health and Safety Policy and that the Club is aware of the contents of the Road to Safety guidelines.

To help clubs we have also attached a standard form of risk Assessment, an example of a completed form for a Christmas event,  and an example of key areas to consider. You do not have to use this format but you must have a risk assessment for each activity or event you carry out and a copy of that assessment should be kept for 6 years, ideally with the club minutes where the activity was agreed. You can keep completed Risk assessments in paper or electronic form.

Risk  assessments should be carried out before the event, and if you have a regular event you can use the same assessment to cover these, only  updating if you assess risks have changed.

The District Governor is required to report yearly to the Multiple District that an effective system of H&S is operated in their District. Each Club will therefore be sent a Form to return each year to the District Secretary to confirm your club complies with the policy as updated from time to time. A copy of the questionnaire is also included below.

To view the MD Health and Safety Policy, Road to Safety and other useful documents please see the information on the MD Website

Risk Assesment Form

Event Risk Assesment Form

Health & Safety Club Questionaire

Public Liability Insurance Certificate

Guide to Identifying Risks