District Information

There is a plethora of resources available to help you and I hope a growing list of additions as the year progresses. In this section there is:

  • The Directory of Cabinet and District Officers and all Clubs in the District. Please note these documents contain personal information and in accordance with the UK Data Protection legislation, including UK GDPR. you are cautioned that this information is ONLY available to bona fide members of Lions Clubs MD105. Care must be used when reproducing both digital and printed copies, it is expressly forbidden to pass copies in any way to any person or organisation outside of Lions Clubs International and this information is to be treated as Private & Confidential and must NEVER be used for commercial gain or advertising.
  • A Zone Chair ebook
  • A Zone Chair Report

And we will soon be adding:

  • A link to LCI’s Club Locator in case you want to find details of another Club not only in our District but all over the world
  • A list of District Equipment available for Clubs to borrow

Members Handbook 2021-22

Cabinet Directory 2021-22

Zone Chair ebook

Zone Chair Report

Twinning reports